NoA internship program

The North Alliance is looking for the next generation of talents to join our internship program. As an intern with us, you will spend a total of six months at our sites across Scandinavia. Since we believe that the best thinkers and makers in our industry have a hybrid and holistic approach, we will have you join teams at our family member’s offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Content of the internship

At each of the stops of your internship journey, a mentor will be your go-to person who will give you an introduction to daily life at the office, as well as assignments and guidance during your stay. You will be given a wide range of challenges; one day you might be researching what people feel about a particular brand, and the next you are working on an app improving people’s lives, or maybe writing a script for a commercial.

Through your six months with us, you will do work across design, technology and communication. You will gain knowledge on brand building, digital communication, digital products and services, as well as collaboration across nations and areas of expertise. The objective is to foster the next generation of NOA-employees that share our holistic take on the industry. We also hope that you through this program will find a permanent home within the NOA-family.

What we are looking for

If you are a friendly, open, curious, clever and creative person with an intense love of all things digital, you are perfect for us. We are aiming to fill two spots: one strategic and one creative. In terms of experience, it would be preferable that you have at least two years of working experience. Note that it does not necessarily have to be from within communication and/or tech. Please include information about previous working experience, what it has taught you so far, and what you hope to get out of your 6 months with us.

Practical info

  • This is a paid internship program. Salary will vary from country to country
  • Accommodation is not included in the program, but we will do our best to help you find a place to stay
  • The deadline for the 2017 internship has now expired.
  • Internships starts August 31st, 2017