Welcome to The North Alliance. We bridge the gaps.

We started The North Alliance because there is a constant need to evolve. Through fully owned market-leading companies within technology, design, communication and innovation, wrapped in one NOA culture, we have created a family of specialists that offer the broad perspectives needed to effectively manage the gaps around us. We collaborate across disciplines in order to turn the challenges of today into the opportunities of tomorrow.

Six reasons to work with NoA

  • 1

    A culture of collaboration

    Through our Nordic heritage of collaboration and our born digital-thinking, we bring talents together and forge friendships across national borders, skills and organizations.

    We build strong and lasting relationships with clients and partners, based on humility, honesty and curiosity – always striving to be their most inspiring collaborator.

  • 2

    A happy marriage of branding and sales

    We combine our leading Nordic experience in creating demand and building great customer experiences, with expertise in triggering sales and driving digital conversion 24/7.

  • 3

    A start-up mentality with muscles

    We are fast thinkers and quick to market. We combine a start-up mentality with deep strategic thinking, perfectly placed in a network with unrivalled production capabilities.

  • 4

    An insight and data-driven philosophy

    We are guided by insights and data in everything we do – from our unique Trax-methodology for measuring what really drives brand choice, to real-time data analysis and growth hacking. Our philosophy enables fast, precise and effective actions, creating more results with less effort.

  • 5

    A flexible partner sized to fit your needs

    We can cherry-pick talent for specific challenges or urgent issues, or handle everything from building massive tech platforms or developing sustainable brand value to triggering short-term sales or driving rapid digital prototyping experiments.

  • 6

    A born-digital alliance, guided by creative experience

    But ultimately, the biggest gap we bridge is between marketing and technology. We unite developers, designers and creatives in driving business value. We combine digital innovation and prototyping with well-honed creative craftmanship. The range of NoA’s offering means we can drive business and defend market share today, while leading business transformations and creating long-term value for tomorrow.

The NoA Manifesto

The digital revolution smashed the old world into pieces, leaving people and companies in a more fragmented reality – a world of gaps: Between disciplines, businesses and users, our ambitions and our actions. Truth is, there’s been a lot of links missing. But in the shortfalls of today, lies tomorrow’s greatest opportunity: To bridge the gaps. In the North Alliance we unite marketing and technology into one powerful force. Our unique mix of perspectives open new opportunities for growth. By combining communication, design, technology and people in a seamless offering, we create world class customer experiences and business results.