The Gap

Real Estate companies in Sweden generally have 10-12 % vacant space among their holdings. In the long-run it makes sense to keep these buildings as the citites grow. But what if there was a way to make sure that Castellum also had short term use for these square meters?

In addition, people in urban areas with no cars and limited storage in their homes have a need to keep their belongings somewhere, and traditional storage solutions are unmodern, expensive and in many cases leave the consumer with a bad experience.

The Bridge

By teaming up not only with Castellum, but also our logistics partner Bring we formed a team that had knowledge within real estate, logistics and disruptive digital service.

Together we re-imagined what constitutes a modern storage solution. By testing physical objects the same way you would your data (photos, music and files), we created an unlimited storage space. Paired with a seamless digital experience, you can now handle your stuff the same way you would your files on your device. We created the wolrd´s first physical cloud-solution.

Beambox photgraphs, categorizes and stores your belongings – and helps you sell or throw it away if or when you decide.

The Result

Beambox is currently in the beta phase, and so far we have received an enthusiastic response from people using the service. We´re confident that through innovations sucha as Beambox, we´ll be able to make life a little easier for people, and solving one of the real estate industries’ biggest challenges – vacant spaces.