NoA COVID-19 Action Kit

There's no doubt that COVID-19 has changed our daily lives and has had an impact on today's businesses.

Now given these uncertain times, we understand opportunities will be hard to come by and that is why we have put together a kit that consists of tools, lessons, and inspiration for navigating our current changing world.

It's important to remember that history has shown in times like this is when the best business breakthroughs occur.

We refer to it as a NoA COVID–19 Action Kit , which will give you a dedicated core team that will provide at least five recommendations on how to gain control and activate sales here and now.

It all comes down to revisiting the category drivers, identifying customer behavior, and understanding the roles of each one of your touchpoints.

How to manage now

  1. Revisit the category drivers and focus on volume

    Start by identifying the most critical drivers in your category and focus on the ones driving volume to ensure sales effects here and now.

    This will help you prioritise better and bring more spot-on activities to the market faster. With an understanding of what's driving the willingness to choose in your category, you'll also get a clear framework for which messages to choose in your shorter-term marketing activities.

  2. Identify customer behavior changes with analytics

    Your customers' behavior has likely changed, and you need to constantly reframe your understanding of what's happening. Use analytics to understand anomalies in business performance and identify where the sales potential lies.

    Understand broader consumer groups. Which groups have changed their behavior the most/least? Adjust based on insights to better serve consumer needs.

    Steer traffic to online, but balance your inflow with your capacity to deliver.

  3. Audit your digital platforms and conversion capabilities

    Make sure every conversion point is as simple as possible. Do you need to rethink your normal customer journey and put delivery times first instead of last?

    Do you need to move part of, or all of your business online? Start small with a simple online store for your most sought-after products/services and build form there.

    Are there obstacles in your internal systems or CMS that prevent your employees to work effectively? Identify bottlenecks and unused functionality that could increase sales potential.

Moving Forward

We're here to help, just give us a call.

We offer small, medium, or large action kits that reflect your needs to help give you answers on how to navigate these uncertain times. +46 70 791 04 91 or drop us a message at