A new era of payment and identification - Cover image
A new era of payment and identification - Cover image

A new era of payment and identification


Aera is a new payment and identification platform that will hit the market in 2019. They wanted to position the company as a leading supplier of clever solutions for merchants before the launch. Therefore, Bold created a strong brand from strategy, design and visual identity to communication and launch campaign.

The Challenge

The retail landscape is rapidly changing and it is more complex now than ever. This requires new insights and tools that work to elevate the customer experience.

Aera is a payment and identification platform that allows merchants to interact with their customers across all channels. Whether in-store, online or mobile, the Aera ecosystem offers new ways of communicating by building the customer journeys of the future.


The Challenge

Bold has developed the strategy, naming, visual identity, UX and interface design, websites, communication and launch campaigns.

When working with Area, our primary focus has been to create smooth and useful customer journeys for both merchants and customers. Based on a small but coherent toolbox, we have developed a range of visual communication possibilities where everything from logo and icons to the identity itself, represents the essence of Aera.

Through a strategic naming process and the creation of user-driven concepts, we made a dynamic visual identity that allows the merchant to change and transform Aera into anything it needs to be.

The Result

Aera is present in forums where future payment and identification systems are discussed and the company has taken a clear position as a key player in the industry.
Aera is targeting the B2B market, mainly large retail companies.
The brand is present in all touch points.

The visual elements such as applications and user interfaces, work regardless of whether you shop physically, on mobile or desktop. In addition, an essential part of our work has been to visualize and communice the solution and the technology behind it.

When working on the website, we used inbound marketing principles to drive growth for Aera and Aera's partners.

Aera will enter the market in 2019.