Guided by fans - Cover image
Guided by fans - Cover image

Guided by fans

Øyafestivalen / Visit Oslo

We gave the artists performing at Øyafestivalen personalized guides made by their Norwegian fans.

The Challenge

Oslo is quite small and not on the hip, young travelers radar. Over the past few years, however, a lot has happened. Oslo has turned into a city worth telling people about, with restaurants, clubs and architectural landmarks popping up all over the place. Our task was turning the world’s attention to Oslo, through the Øya festival sponsorship.

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The Solution

Øyafestivalen is Norway’s prime music festival, located right in the middle of Oslo. The festival line-up is packed with international stars – artists with millions of followers. These tastemakers could help spread the word about Oslo, reaching a very specific target group: their fans.
Since nobody knows Oslo better than the people who live here, and nobody knows the artists better than their fans – we mobilized fans through social media and asked them what the artists should do while visiting the Norwegian capital. The information was gathered and turned into 10 unique and personal city guides. These were hand-delivered on behalf of the fans, who turned their stars into Oslo ambassadors.

The Result

Through the fans’ loving engagement, we found a way into the artists’ hearts. By making personal, one of a kind objects for each artist, we earned valuable placement in their own social media output. With guides shared by MØ, The xx, Pixies and Madlib, as well as Lana Del Rey’s Facebook fan page, we reached more than 1.000.000 people. Several artists also explored the city in their free time, using the guide they were given by fans.
The local fans were also engaged sharing 664 tips. We also got 6909 reactions and 137.000 impressions. Once the guides were published, fans from around the world picked up the digital guides, and had 14.832 visits within 5 days.
For VisitOslo, we created a new tool for reaching very specific target groups.