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Our Culture

Creative diversity is our secret recipe. Growth is the result.

NoA is an international community of creatives, built on the Nordic values of equality, diversity, and collaboration.

We see ourselves as creative growth engineers, using multiple disciplines and talents to help our clients grow.

The two keywords of our culture are ”Creative Diversity”.
We believe that creative difference isn’t a problem; it’s the solution.

For people and brands to flourish in the modern world, one perspective just isn’t enough. You need a holistic outlook that unites business understanding, digital know-how and human insights into fresh new solutions.

By combining marketers, designers, programmers, business analysts and other talented experts under one roof, we create a more stimulating work environment and a business offering better equipped to address the many challenges modern companies face.

Our philosophy has not only resulted in a workplace that attracts outstanding talent from all over the world, but an impressive and proven track record of generating sustainable business results and satisfied clients.

Welcome here to grow your business and evolve yourself.