Privacy Policy

Processing of personal information

When you use our website and/or are in contact with us, we may process your personal data. Below you will find information about the personal data collected, why we process personal data, and your rights related to the processing of your personal data.
The processor of your personal data is:

The North Alliance AS
Wergelandsveien 15
0167 Oslo

For any questions you may have about our processing of your personal information, please contact Hanne B. Mustad:

Telephone: +47 90871372

Why do we collect personal information and what information do we collect?

We collect and use your personal information for different purposes, depending on who you are and how we come into contact with you. We collect the following types of personal information for the purposes stated here:

1. Answering any inquiries that we may receive: Name, phone number, e-mail address and any personal information that may result from the inquiry. The processing of this personal data is based on assessed interest. Processing this personal data is often necessary for us to help you with your inquiry.

2. Collecting and processing personal data in connection with surveys on our web-site where we process name, phone number, e-mail address (some which may be optional) and any personal information that may be included in the response to the survey. The processing of this personal data is based on legitimate interest.

3. Personal data with regard to our contact with suppliers, such as contact information on persons we have contact with at our suppliers. Such information is limited to name, telephone number, email address etc. and kept as long as we need to maintain contact with our suppliers. 

4. Our website uses cookies. You can read more about cookies and what type of cookies we use below. We process the personal information captured by cookies to be able to better customize the website for our users. However, the information collected is anonymous.

With regard to recruiting for new positions and recruitment advertising on our web-pages, the recruitment is handled by our agencies.

We process personal data with regard to item 1 and 2 above on the basis of our legitimate interest to perform our business, and we have considered that the processing of personal data is not overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data.

Use of Cookies

Our website, like many others, uses cookies to gather information about how our pages are used. Cookies are small text files stored by the browser (for example Safari or Google Chrome) on your computer or mobile phone.
We use this information to improve and better customise your experience when visiting Information such as, how many people visit our different pages, how long each visit lasts, which websites users come from, and which browser they’re using.
We use Google Analytics to retrieve this information. The information collected is anonymous.
To turn off and/or delete cookies, you must adjust the security settings in your browser. 

Cookies our site uses: 
_ga: Google Universal Analytics collects information about visits, sessions, and campaigns for analytical purposes. The cookie will be removed after 2 years.
_gid: Used in conjunction with _ga to distinguish unique users.
_gat: This cookie does not store any user information, it’s just used to limit the number of requests that have to be made to Google/ (see cookie IDE & DSID)

Sharing of personal information

We do not transfer on your personal data to third parties unless a legal basis exists for such transfer. Examples of such a basis will typically be, an agreement with you, or a legal basis that instructs us to disclose the information.


We store your personal data as long as is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data was originally collected. Any personal data collected in connection with surveys will be processed to prepare a report for the survey, and are then deleted.
This means, for example, that the personal data we process on the basis of your consent will be deleted if you withdraw your consent. Personal data we process to fulfil an agreement with you will be also deleted when the agreement is fulfilled and all obligations arising from the agreement are fulfilled.
Your rights when we process your personal information
You have the right to access, correct or delete any personal information we hold about you. You also have the right to restrict our use, object to processing or to receive an electronic copy of the personal information you provided to us. You can read more about your rights on the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s website: or the website of the Swedish Data Protection Authority website
To exercise your rights, you must contact us either via email or letter. We will respond to your enquiry at the latest within 30 days.
We will ask you to confirm your identity or provide additional information before we allow you to exercise your rights with us. We of course do this to ensure that we only provide access to your personal information to you. 
You may withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal information at any time. The easiest way to do this is to email us.


If you believe that our processing of personal data does not match what we have described here, or believe we have in some way violated privacy laws, you may appeal to the Data Protection Authority, see more or Please note that The North Alliance use the Norwegian Data Protection Authority as lead authority in accordance with the General Data Privacy Regulation Article 56. You may contact your local Data Protection Authority, which will inform the Norwegian Data Protection Authority of the matter.


If there is a change in our services or changes to the privacy policy, it may change the information you provide. If we have your contact information, we will notify you of these changes. Otherwise, up to date information will always be available on our website.