All NoA employees and NoA stakeholders  should always feel safe to bring forward information concerning wrongdoing or unethical behavior that they witness or hear of, within any company of the NoA group. Any employee or stakeholder who is reporting such a concern will be treated fairly and will be protected from reprisal.

To make sure everyone feels comfortable reporting a concern several people in the NoA organization can be contacted, or you can use the form below to report an issue anonymously. 

The information submitted in the form is anonymous, but we strongly encourage you to leave your contact details so we can get back to you with our feedback.  
What happens next will depend on the nature of the complaint, whether it is criminal and requires the
involvement of the police, or if it will be managed internally.

Contact persons at NoA:
Kristine Kosi, Chief Group Accounting kristine.kosi@thenorthalliance.com
Hanne Mustad, Head of Operations hanne.mustad@thenorthalliance.com

Or use our whistleblowing function