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Our Family - Cover image

Our Family

Creating tomorrow’s revenue streams.

NoA’s full range of capabilities cover all levels of strategic transformation - what your brand does and sells, how it delivers it across platforms, how it looks and feels, and how it makes itself known. We have the full toolbox to help companies evolve and create sustainable growth - whether it means starting from the long-term horizon of business innovation, the mid-term horizon of digital development or design, or the here-and-now horizon of marketing.

If you need change now, NoA is the place to start.

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&Co is an internationally acclaimed creative communication agency based in Copenhagen. We create value by using the power of creativity to boost business transformation and growth. Our collaborative spirit and way of working is our hallmark, and it unites our team of world-class thinkers and craftsmen in the creation of strong, lasting and impactful ideas.


Åkestam Holst is Sweden’s #1 creative communication agency, constantly awarded for creativity and effectiveness. We create real business value by combining data-driven marketing strategies with world-class creative thinking, and craft creative ideas with lasting impact that helps brands reach new levels of fame and fortune.
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Making Waves is a service innovation agency. We are a diverse group of thinkers and makers, sharing the same passion and goal: to use our combined set of skills to create positive impact for the companies we work with, and the people they serve.
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North Kingdom is an award-winning experience design company that creates products, services and experiences that play a meaningful role in people's lives. We operate on a global level—deriving from our headquarters in the northern part of Sweden and through offices in Stockholm and Los Angeles with a team of 50 people.
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Bold is a multidisciplinary design agency focusing on building strong brands by offering insight-driven strategy and bold design. Our projects include everything from brand platforms to new visual identities and packaging design.
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Anorak is one of the leading full-service advertising agencies in Norway. We are driven by creativity but have a strong strategic focus through insight and data-driven strategic thinking.


Hello Great Works solves problems that positively impact people’s everyday lives - and ultimately - clients’ businesses. As a strategic and creative design company, we work in the intersection between human conditions, technological possibilities and business opportunities. We are a diverse team of passionate people dedicated to building great digital experiences and solutions.


We’re essentially a spin-off from Åkestam Holst, where high-end craft, digital creation, motion design, film and content development has been aggregated under one roof. We’re currently 35 people at BKRY, but as we see it we’ve merely laid the foundation. Now it’s time to build.


Evidence Strategy is a scientific brand and management consultancy that helps clients sell more. Based on the unique sales driver analysis Trax and a focus on implementation in all customer interactions, we devise action plans that make the client’s entire business more customer and sales oriented.
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Clay is a commercial strategy consultancy that helps clients grow their business, transform the customer experience, improve the brand strategy and ignite digital transformation. We believe in the power of insights to uncover sustainable commercial opportunities to develop businesses and brands and provide actionable recommendations, using curiosity, structure, tools and processes to create clear results.


Kicker is a Stockholm-based retail agency dedicated to creating immediate effects for their clients, focusing on converting interest to action without compromising on brand values.