We are launching NoA Consulting - Cover image
We are launching NoA Consulting - Cover image

We are launching NoA Consulting

June 5th, 2020

The North Alliance (NoA) is all set to launch NoA Consulting, a management
consulting company that brings together the group's Norwegian, Swedish and
Danish business advisors. The ambition is to become Scandinavia's leading
company for organic top-line business growth.

"Many companies struggle to grow organically, and there is often great
growth potential to be found in the actual needs of their customers. NoA has
considerable experience of helping established players adapt and grow quickly by
focusing on customer needs. On top of this, our customers need sophisticated
business advice", says Thomas Høgebøl, NoA’s CEO.

Høgebøl points out that the NoA’s network of digital agencies gives the new
company a competitive advantage.

“The combination of business advice and practical implementation is unique
for NoA Consulting. We don’t just identify what our clients should do – thanks
to the NoA network, we also ensure that the strategy is realized through
creative communication and new products and services that their customers
love”, Høgebøl explains.

The new company aims to challenge established management consulting

“We have founded NoA Consulting for the same reason that McKinsey and BCG
buy creative agencies in communication and digitalization – we just have a
different starting point”, says Høgebøl.

Scandinavian focus

In the last few years, NoA has developed management consulting services in
every Scandinavian market – each within its own niche. These include Evidence
Strategy in Sweden, Clay in Denmark and Creative Business Studio in Making
Waves Norway.

NoA Consulting combines analytical and creative expertise to help companies
boost their current business while they develop new, future-proof business

NoA Consulting will be led by Ulrika Burling in Sweden, Morten Kjær in Denmark and Kim Krogstad in Norway.

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