Beambox by Castellum - Cover image
Beambox by Castellum - Cover image

Beambox by Castellum


Castellum is a leading Swedish real-estate company and developer. It is one of the largest public companies within this category. Everyday 250,000 people go to work in Castellum’s office spaces in Sweden.

We were asked to help Castellum strengthen their brand positioning as an innovative real-estate company and create a solution to Castellum’s challenge in how to approach its vacant spaces.

The Challenge

To reimagine how Castellum uses and sells vacant square meters, and to find new ways of securing an occupancy rate of 100%.
Real-estate companies are always going to have short term vacancies. With people moving in, companies moving out, businesses that are expanding, merging, collapsing, or simply want to change floor or space.
Property companies in Sweden generally have around 12% short time vacant space, representing a value of approx. 500 MSEK/year.
This is a gap that is hard to fill, because sometimes the vacancies last for one month, six months or maybe even a year. Filling these gaps between leases, with people, is going to be very complicated. Our challenge was to address this gap and find an innovative solution to the problem.

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The Solution

Maybe the answer did not lie in filling that gap with people, as the traditional way of thinking would have it. Our solution was Beambox! A brand new innovative self-storage service that helps people store things they don’t need at home, at Castellum’s vacant office spaces.

The Result

Creation of a new service and its own company within 12 months from idea to full operations. Today, Beambox lives as its own company and brand. In short Beambox is a service that solves storage needs, starting out serving the consumers, B2C, but now functioning to serve business needs as well, B2B. The big difference between Beambox and other self-storage players is that Beambox also picks up and leaves your things at your door when it suits you.

You can choose and book the package solution that suits your needs the best and you only pay for what you keep and not for the storage area you do not use. All storage takes place in Castellum spaces. Through the Beambox website, you choose and book the preferred package. Inside the Beambox warehouse they will photograph your items to give you control over what is in your storage.

Net promoter score: 70%
Beambox mentioned in many interactions for Castellum ranging from PR to employer branding.