The Lift - Cover image
The Lift - Cover image

The Lift


Overthinking has taken hold of our heads. We analyze, ruminate, and think the same thoughts on repeat. BIANCO wanted to challenge this trend, as it has more than likely been fuelled, in part, from the fashion industry. From this insight, we created the “Step out of your head” campaign, with the short film “The Lift” as a centrepiece.

The Challenge

BIANCO wanted to continue their history of making socially relevant ads. The objective was to create an awareness campaign that would emotionally resonate with our audience and make the brand stand out in a rather bland category (affordable footwear) and thereby increase its consideration rate. During our initial research, we found that most people tend to overthink situations to such a degree that it holds them back in life. Since it’s more than likely that this issue stems, in part, from the fashion industry, BIANCO wanted to counter it.

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The Solution

In a film set entirely within the confines of a lift, we follow two people who fall in love, without the other ever knowing. We gain insight into their thoughts by way of subtitles. They plot and scheme ways to break the ice, without ever opening their mouths. And that quickly becomes the central conflict. Their overthinking holds them from acting on their desires. The film is an intimate, and often awkward, look into two people paralysed by their own thoughts. And by the end, we wish nothing more than they’d “Step out of their head”.

The Result

The campaign has been received with great excitement by its target audience. People are calling for a sequel, which is a rare request for an ad. The film was only allocated a media budget for Denmark and Norway, but has travelled much further on its own. As a result, the views on Facebook and YouTube have reached 16.9 million. So far, the film has garnered 430.000 reactions and it has been shared more than 180.000 times on Facebook alone. The organic reach on Bianco’s own Facebook post amounts to 23 %. On YouTube, almost 50% of all the people exposed watched the 5 minute short-film to the very end.

  • Cannes Lions: 1 Silver, 2 Bronze

  • Eurobest: 2 Silver, 2 Bronze

  • Ciclope: 3 Gold, 1 Silver

  • EPICA: 2 Gold, 2 Silver

  • Clio Awards: 2 Silver

  • Shots: 2 Silver

  • Gerety Awards: 1 Bronze

  • Lovie Awards: 2 Bronze