Mentimeter - Cover image
Mentimeter - Cover image



Mentimeter was founded with a clear mission: to transform meetings from one-dimensional and boring to more inclusive and fun. Mentimeter offers a presentation platform that enables real-time interaction with your audience and invites every voice to be heard.

They are the fastest growing startup in Sweden, present in 120 countries where they have over 78 million users. Together with the Mentimeter team, Bold Scandinavia have created a playful brand identity that reflects their ambition to create meetings where listening and learning together becomes the new norm.

The Challenge

Mentimeter wants to change the way meetings, presentations, and lectures are conducted and prepared. From excluding and boring – to inclusive, interactive, and fun.

Mentimeter approached Bold Scandinavia to create a strong, trustworthy, and distinct brand and identity that would differentiate it from traditional platforms and direct competitors, help Mentimeter attract the best talent in the highly competitive environment, and deliver a unique brand experience.

The Solution

The new identity takes visual cues from commonly used infographics, infusing them with the energy and engagement of a Menti experience. The identity is close to the product itself and therefore highly recognizable, but at the same time active and surprising to show the dynamics between the different voices in the room. The Menti line represents the foundation of the user interaction and is a recognizable and unifying element that ties the brand identity together. Through participation, the line is activated and information rises from the line.

The symbol is a playful take on well-known bar-graphs and pie-charts visualizing an abstract M; and the wordmark represents the reliability and user-friendliness of the platform. In addition to the original primary blue color, new more vibrant colors increase the energy and flexibility of communication. We also created a custom typeface – Menti Sans. With its quirky details, it is a subtle reference to the world of bar charts, without compromising on accessibility. Mentimeter is so much more than just visualizing data. It’s about the fun and excitement in the room, and the spirit of listening to be heard. By listening, and allowing others to be heard, inclusivity is created. The new design aim to capture that positive energy and make Mentimeter a household name.

The project has been awarded first place in DesignIndex; the advertising award that rewards design with a business impact, and a bronze in Eurobest.

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