Sustainable mobility through innovative customer experiences - Cover image
Sustainable mobility through innovative customer experiences - Cover image

Sustainable mobility through innovative customer experiences


Over many years as Ruter's strategic partner, we have worked on further development and innovation of Ruter's services and digital products. 

The Challenge

Ruter wants to offer its customers sustainable mobility. People in the capitol region should have the opportunity to go where they want, whenever they want, while Ruter's services should be as sustainable as possible, for the environment, society, and citizens. This ambition demands innovative and user-friendly customer experiences, both digitally and physically.

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The Result

Ruter travel app

In 2021 Ruter launched its new travel app, which not only makes it easy to travel by public transport– it also shows walking and cycling routes as part of the travel suggestions. In the new app called Ruter, you can both buy tickets and do travel searches, and you get features such as maps, real-time bus capacity and your personal profile. The app has been awarded the DOGA acknowledgement for design and architecture.

"Ruter are a result of good design development where the finished product appears friendly and warm. Beneath the user interface, it hides hard coding that captures the entire Router complex offering in an intuitive and appealing interface to the user."

The jury for the DOGA badge


RuterPilot is a tool Ruter uses to test out new services and features on selected customers in Oslo and Viken. The pilot users contribute to making it as easy as possible to move from A to B, and to develop a good user experience. In addition being able to plan their journey, the users can chat with support and buy tickets in one app. The RuterPilot will allow users to switch between different services such as public transport, car sharing and micromobility such as city bikes and scooters with a few clicks.

Ruters Customer Service Center

In 2019 Ruter's customer service centre at Jernbanetorget reopened with a completely new profile. Ruter S combines customer support, co-creation and events, contributing to a better customer experience. Through testing and dialogue in the customer centre, Ruter involves the public in both the development of the company's offers and services, and in the work to achieve Oslo's goal of becoming emission-free by 2030.

Ruter design manual

To ensure a unified design across all of Ruter's physical and digital surfaces, we developed one of Norway's most advanced design methods in 2019. When the new app was launched with a new design, we were further developing the design methods. The system follows WCAG 2.1 and is open to everyone. 

In the period 2013–2015, we designed and developed, focusing on accessibility across target groups and digital devices. We also delivered content strategy and channel strategy for Ruter's digital channels and led the work on the implementation of new editorial work processes and methods. After the launch, we were responsible for managing the solution. 

Advertising services

In 2021, NoA Anorak was chosen as Ruter's preferred advertising agency and will assist Ruter with getting more people to choose green, moving customers into the new app, secure the proportion of paying customers, launch new forms of mobility into Ruter's interface and generally strengthen the position "Ruter bring people closer together, so the big city remains small". It will all take place through insight and planning, branding, communication concepts and advertising campaigns across all channels.