The DNA Journey - Cover image
The DNA Journey - Cover image

The DNA Journey


This case is about the DNA Journey, a creative idea conceived to bring Momondo’s purpose to life. It shows how the use of excellent creativity and a purpose driven platform can generate long-term effectiveness well beyond the means of traditional campaigns and media.

The Challenge

Travel meta-search engine Momondo is a company with a purpose but struggled to represent value beyond being a functional utility, only relevant for a very limited part of the journey.

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The Solution

Whereas people travel more, they appreciate diversity less. This fact opened the opportunity to re-claim the true value of traveling and realize Momondo’s purpose ambition.

The Result

A global viral hit campaign with a media ROI of 291, reaching 175 million views and 4,4 billion media impressions in the first 3 months of the campaign.


Danish Digital Awards (DDA): 3 x Gold, 1 x Bronze

Andy Awards: 1 x Silver, 2 x Bronze

New York festival: 2 x Second Prize Awards, 3 x Third Prize Awards

Diamanten (DIA): 4 x Category Winner

The One Show - Pencil: 1 x Gold, 1 x Silver

Creative Circle Award: 4 x Gold

Andy Awards: 2 x Bronze

D&AD - Pencil: 4 x Wood Pencil

Facebook Awards: These campaigns brought tears to our eyes

Cannes Lions: 1 x Gold, 4 x Silver, 2 x Bronze

Clio Awards: 3 x Silver, 1 x Bronze