The Social Beer - Cover image
The Social Beer - Cover image

The Social Beer

Norrlands Guld

For the FIFA World Cup 2018, we merged Twitter with our beer to create a really social media. The innovation made it possible to get your social media updates served in real time, on the foam, without having to look at your phone.  

An algorithm scanned Twitter for the most relevant World Cup tweets, then beers with actual updates were served within seconds from being posted on the Twitter platform.

The Challenge

Norrlands Guld is one of Sweden’s leading beer brands. The brand is built and brewed on a promise of togetherness, and these days, being together equals putting down your phone for a while. Social media is making us less social and 70 % of Swedes feel that their Phones get in the way when they get together.
At the same time, Norrlands Guld had a specific challenge on their hands for the upcoming summer of FIFA World Cup 2018, since they had lost their official sponsorship of The Swedish National Team to a competing beer brand. We needed an alternative solution to reach fans and become part of the buzz.

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The Solution

That's why we brewed up a little something called “The Social Beer” – a technology that collects the latest world cup tweets and prints them directly on your beer, using malt-based ink. In short, it's Twitter on tap, allowing people to follow the game without using their mobile. Tweet responsibly.

The Result

The Social Beer became the summer’s trending beer topic with record-braking numbers in sales, likes and media-mentions in the media. It underlined the brands promise of togetherness and gave Norrlands Guld a real-time-reason-to-speak during the commercially crowded world cup.