Let Nature Back In - Cover image
Let Nature Back In - Cover image

Let Nature Back In


VELUX is a company with a purpose: it’s not just to sell windows, it’s to provide solutions for a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

We spend more and more of our lives indoors. Therefore, it’s essential to consider how the indoor environment can affect your health and quality of life. We should see windows as a source for light and fresh air instead of protection against nature.

With this purpose, VELUX has launched the The Indoor Generation campaign to create global awareness of the impact of indoor environment and to engage consumers, NGOs, politicians and industry stakeholders.

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The Challenge

NoA Ignite participated in developing a strategy that showcased VELUX’s role in supporting healthier indoor climate through home improvement and interior design. Through this line of communication, we needed to create a red thread from high level campaign messaging to activating the customers and drive traffic to local marketing sites.


The Solution

Evolving the Indoor Generation platform, we developed a strategy to create custom content hinging on the philosophy of living “outside in.” This included interviews with specialists in the renovation space which gave VELUX a voice within a new vertical. We then designed and developed a content hub hosting this content, including “Let Nature Back In” films created by &Co.

The overall theme Let nature in conceptualises the VELUX purpose of letting the light and fresh air of nature into the indoor environment. The content covered different angles on living “outside in” developed in cooperation with the global interior design icon Kate Watson-Smyth, who connects the indoor environment to the life outside and makes use of natural light, fresh air and green plants when she transforms the homes of her clients.

We organised the content into three main areas of interior improvement: Design, Functionality, and Comfort.

The website, along with a social media campaign, leveraged new and existing content which created a bridge and drove traffic to the more tactical product presentation on VELUX’s local marketing sites. This positioned VELUX as a brand capable of owning the conversation about indoor health as it relates to home improvement; to be inspired, engaged and – instead of just looking through windows – look at them as something that can add quality to their life.

Targeted ads helped to reinforce the content and drive return visits and increased organic traffic throughout the site.

The Result

  • 1.6 Million site visitors

  • 26% on site engagement rate

  • Over 25% of visitors who interacted with articles came back to re-read or read more

  • Overall, the campaign engagement rate was 39%

  • Over 100.000 customers visited the local marketing sites as a result of the campaign