WeShare - Cover image
WeShare - Cover image


Danske Bank

WeShare is an end-to-end social app that merges chat, expense sharing, and payment.

The Challenge

MobilePay has changed the way we use money and transformed us into a virtually cashless society. With over 3.4 million downloads, it recently became the preferred payment app for over 80 banks in the Nordics.
Now, it has a little sister.
Together with MobilePay, we discovered that sharing expenses is part of sharing an experience. And when we make plans together, the conversation usually starts on social platforms. However, money can create friction between people, and it’s awkward to ask others to pay their share. We wanted to remove that unpleasant moment.
Based on this insight, we decided to keep MobilePay’s simplicity intact and create a standalone app that functions like a chat interface – where you can plan and share experiences – and pay via seamless integration with MobilePay.

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The Solution

The result is WeShare, an end-to-end social app that merges chat, expense sharing, and payment. Transfer your credentials from MobilePay with just one click, and you’re ready to go. Create a group and invite your friends. Chat with one another, share photos, and enter all your shared expenses.
You can add new amounts or purchases in just a few seconds, and it is also possible to do uneven splits if someone in the group isn’t part of a particular expense. People don’t have to settle-up at the same time, but can do it continuously, or when they leave the conversation.
‘Stacks’ - the bot we designed to keep track of who owes what – politely nudges everyone to pay their share and tells you if others join or leave the group. If used abroad, the app automatically converts foreign currencies to kroner.

The Result

WeShare reached 145,000 unique users in the first six months and is continuing to grow in popularity every day.
The app makes sharing expenses and making purchases on behalf of an entire group intuitive and engaging. Because the whole experience is easy and seamless, people don’t have to think about money. Just enter what you pay for, swipe when the event is over, and it all adds up.
Rated one of the best apps of 2016 by Go’Morgen Danmark, WeShare makes shared experiences fun. It spreads a sense of involvement and togetherness that starts with a conversation and ends with a swipe.