In the names of equality - Cover image
In the names of equality - Cover image

In the names of equality

Rättviseförmedlingen & Fredrika Bremer Förbundet

To create buzz around the subjects of diversity and equality in Sweden, BKRY helped Equalisters (Rättviseformedlingen) and the Fredrika Bremer Association put together a campaign which included a new version of the Swedish spelling alphabet. The old version consisted of only male names and it was time for that to change.

The Challenge

Promote equality and diversity.

The Solution

Since 1891, the Swedish spelling alphabet (the equivalent of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc.) has consisted of only male names. A new and equal version, with half female and half male names, was created in order to make the spelling alphabet represent how Sweden actually looks and sounds today. The message was transmitted via a radio frequency used by the authorities who use the alphabet.

Idea by Åkestam Holst+ANR BBDO and full integrated production (film, site, SoMe, dooh and press by BKRY)

The Result

The campaign provoked a nationwide debate, with mixed reactions - some people loved the idea, while others hated it. In addition, the campaign was covered on major news channels.