Rebuilding the International Baccalaureate®’s website - Cover image
Rebuilding the International Baccalaureate®’s website - Cover image

Rebuilding the International Baccalaureate®’s website

The International Baccalaureate® (IB)

Making Waves redesigned IB’s web portal to deliver a modern, future-proof and agile website of the highest UX standards that match the Foundation’s mission to create a better world through education.

The Challenge

International Baccalaureate®  is a global educational organization with a mission to make the world a better place. Their website is among their main cast of communication tools, sharing information about the programs, workshops and conferences to both schools and (potential) students. They were looking for a partner with the technical expertise to help them build a modern website, with smooth user experience across different devices, language versions and with an AA-level Web Content Accessibility. This way, IB hoped to reach more schools and students who’d join their programs.

The Solution

The ambition of Making Waves was to hold a mirror up to the quality of the IB programs, and to reflect this onto the website by delivering the best possible user experience. Based on the briefing of the IB, the agency rebuilt the entire information architecture and user interface design. Making Waves also did a deep dive in their expertise of Episerver CMS, to use its features in the best way possible. The Elasticsearch tool was seamlessly integrated with Episerver to provide a search function sculpted to perfection. This was done to facilitate and speed up the process of looking up data in IB's vast data bank of curricula, workshops, documents and other content. This search engine features multi-language search, complex feature filtering, flexible sorting and a short indexing time to generate fast and accurate search results.

The Result

Making Waves and IB have partnered since 2014. A close and fruitful working relationship has been established along the way, and that allowed to cooperate smoothly to reach the International Baccalaureate®’s goals. Throughout the project, Making Waves made sure to combine all their competences: a know-how of business analysis, interaction design, UX and graphic design, front-end and back-end development, as well as solid project management. With this integrated package, a high quality end product was delivered and further development of the site still continues. Making Waves adopted an advisory role in close relation to IB, and still makes sure to stay in touch and offer further advice and support when needed.
Thanks to this complete redesign project, the operational cost of the website has decreased significantly, knocking the number of content editors right down from 160, to no more than 10. Fewer editors has also resulted in higher quality content, which enhances IB’s brand and reputation. The end product is a modern, future-proof and agile website of the highest UX standards. It’s an advanced ecosystem of integrated systems with a vast amount of content, educational materials and curricula, all organised in a way that’s easily digested and easy to handle.